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IgCN Credentialing

About Immunoglobulin Certified Nurse (IgCN) Credentialing:

IgNS is committed to the IgCN Credentialing, which provides assessment, validation and documentation of the knowledge, skills, and overall clinical competence of nurses managing and administering Ig therapy.

  • The IgCN Credentialing is the only nationally recognized certification for Ig nurses
  • It meets nationally recognized standards that are reliable and legally defensible measurements of Ig nurses’ knowledge and skills
  • IgCN Credentialing validates that nurses have met stringent requirements for knowledge and experience and are qualified to provide competent Ig care

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the IgCN Examination?

Registered nurses whose practice includes Immunoglobulin therapy, and who wish to gain the official IgCN Credential, and the professional recognition of their specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise as an Ig Nurse, should register to take the IgCN Examination. Eligible candidates are Registered Nurses (RN), with a minimum of 1,500 hours of experience in Ig therapy as an RN within the past two years.

Nursing experience may include the following, as long as they are in the Ig

therapy specialty:

i. Nursing education

ii. Administration

iii. Research

iv. Clinical Practice

Please see the IgCN Candidate Handbook for complete details.

How do I apply for the IgCN Examination?

IgCN Examination Basics

The two-hour computer-based IgCN exam is offered at over 300 test sites in the US and Canada.

The examination is administered by appointment only Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Saturday appointments may be scheduled based on availability. Available dates will be indicated when scheduling your examination. Candidates are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.   For a complete listing of test sites visit www.goamp.com.

The IgCN Examination consists of 110 questions.  The exam's content is based on the core content areas of immunoglobulin nursing. The exam's content is derived from the results of a formal Practice Analysis Study to ensure that the exam accurately reflects the practice of the average immunoglobulin nurse.

Please refer to the IgCN Candidate Handbook for complete details.

What are the Benefits of becoming an IgCN?

Benefits to Ig Nursing Professionals

  • Becoming an IgCN provides the recognition of the specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise of an Ig Nurse.
  • The IgCN Credential empowers nurses to be confident clinical decision-makers
  • The IgCN Credential protects and informs the public of nurses’ competence, validation of experience, knowledge and skills.

The IgCN Credential creates higher levels of professional satisfaction for nurses:

  • Improves patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Reduces work-related errors
  • Employers prefer hiring Certified nurses over non-certified

Certified specialty nurses earn a higher income

Benefits and the effect of Certification on patient care and safety are well known and recognized in the clinical community.

Become an IgCN!

  • Validate your competence
  • Improve patient care
  • Develop your career

Benefits to Employers

IgCN Credentialing results in standardization of Ig nursing practice across your organization

IgCN staff is a strong differentiation factor for companies employing Ig nurses.  

  • Maintain Standardized, Certified Ig Nursing Professional Staff
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • Improve Trust and Confidence from Prescribers
  • IgCN Credentialing significantly reduces the burden of in-house Ig training programs for nursing staff
  • IgCN Credentialing protects and informs the public of nurses’ competence, validation of experience, knowledge and skills.
  • IgCN nursing staff demonstrates, validates and documents competence, knowledge and skills to patients and prescribers
  • Employers who support their nurses’ Certification improve retention rates and develop stable and highly skilled Ig nursing teams



  • Differentiate Your Organization as a Leader in Advanced Ig Nursing Practice
  • Standardize the Quality of Your Ig Nursing
  • Improve Patient Care, Outcomes and Satisfaction
  • Reduce In-House Training Burden
  • Demonstrate your commitment to Ig Nursing excellence


Benefits to Patients

IgCN Credentialing protects the patients by demonstrating, validating and documenting the nurse’s competence, knowledge and skills.

The IgCN Credential signifies standardization in the Ig Nursing practice, protecting patients from the unnecessary variation and discrepancy in their care due to changes in:

  • Nurses
  • Companies providing nursing care
  • Changes in treatment setting


IgCNs provide patients with peace of mind, comfort and confidence that their nurse is a competent clinical decision-maker

Benefits and the effect of Certification on patient care and safety are well known and recognized in the clinical community.


Always wear your IgCN pin!
Demonstrate your expertise to:

  • Patients
  • Prescribers
  • Colleagues

Online IgCN recertification application is now open!
Submit your application and recertification unit documentation at least 30 days prior to your IgCN expiration date.